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**All China TBY 2 To Go Tours are Chinese Speaking Guide and for customers who can understand Chinese only.
SEAT-IN-COACH (SIC) TOUR - 2 TO GO Rate Valid Until Mar 2018
(Departure Every Monday   每周一出发)  
5D 4N Ancient Xian & Mount Hua   5天 4晚 西安/ 华山 (CHXN5) from RM1970
7D 6N Kunming/ Dali/ Li Jiang   7天 6晚 昆明/ 大理/ 丽江 (CHYDL7) from RM1405
(Departure Daily   每天出发)  
5D 4N Beijing  5天 4晚 北京 (OBD8)  from RM790
(Departure Every Thursday   每周四出发)  
8D 7N Kunming/ Dali/ Li Jiang/ Shangri La from RM1525
8天 7晚 昆明/ 大理/ 丽江/ 香格里拉 (CHKS8)
6D 5N Guilin/ Yangshuo/ Longji Rice Terrace from RM1290
6天 5晚 桂林/ 阳朔/ 龙脊梯田 (CHGLY6)
(Departure Every Saturday & Sunday   每周六、日出发)  
6D 5N Guangzhou    6天 5晚 广州 (CHGSZ6) from RM1090
7D 6N Guangzhou    7天 6晚 广州 (CHGSZ7) from RM1305
(Departure Every Weekday  每周平日出发)  
8D 7N Chengdu/ Mount Emei/ Leshan/ Jiuzhaigou from RM1325
8天 7晚 成都峨嵋山/ 乐山/ 九寨沟 (CHCSJ8) 
(Departure Everyday   每周日出发)  
8D 7N Beijing/ Chengde/ Tianjin   8天 7晚 北京/ 承德/ 天津 (BTCP8)  from RM1295
(Departure Every Tuesday & Friday   每周二,五出发)  
7D 6N Xiangxi & Zhangjiajie   7天 6晚 湘西/ 张家界 (NXWP7) from RM1705
(Departure Every Wednesday & Thursday   每三,四出发)  
7D 6N Xiamen/ Meizhou/ Yongding/ Zhangzhou from RM1305
7天 6晚 厦门/ 梅州/ 永定/ 漳州 (CHFYC7)

Important Notice:

  • Click on the package to view the price and itinerary.
  • All TBY package does NOT include Air Ticket, Airport Taxes, Travel Insurance, and other expenses. 
  • All SIC tours depart from China.
  • All SIC tours are strictly for Chinese speaking customers and for those who can understand Chinese only.
  • Tour fares are subject to changes from time to time due to fluctuations in currency exchange rates.
  • Please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact us at (+6) 088251299 for bookings and enquiries.